INVADERER (invades) is about promoting Bolt Action, as well as gathering the entire Danish Bolt Action environment - new, as well as old players - and building networks.


INVADERER is Denmark’s oldest Bolt Action tournament event.

The first Bolt Action INVADERER event was held in 2014, where twelve players met in the great hall of the Youth House on Dortheavej.

Since then, INVADERER has been held at Copenhagen City Hall and the Culture Station in Vanløse. For some years now, we have been playing at the perfect venue - Batteritogsmagasinet at Vestvolden’s experience center.

Bjarke Lindegaard Knudsen, founder of Invaderer
“I started INVADERER because I had a hard time finding opponents to play Bolt Action with, and because I had a desire for an environment like there was with other figure war games, e.g. Warhammer and Flames of War. The goal was to get players together and build networks, as well as promote Bolt Action which at the time was very small in Denmark."
– Bjarke Lindegaard Knudsen

The tournament has since been an annual event, bringing together the entire Danish Bolt Action environment.

It is the landmark of INVADERER to include new players and be the place to get to know potential opponents. At the same time, a competitive culture has nursed itself in that we are both Denmark and Northern Europe’s largest Bolt Action event and therefore the place where you can separate the sheep from the goats.