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INVADERER Vestvolden

INVADERER invites you once again to Denmark’s oldest and friendliest event, where nerds across the country can meet and play Bolt Action, while we have fun and chat.

Every year there is a focus on helping new people into the game, and spreading Bolt Action on a national level, as well as seeing familiar faces from distant parts of the country.

Price: DKK 200. This covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, sweets and prizes.

As always, there will be prizes for best painted army, best terrain table, best sportmanship, and best ranking players.

Force selection rules

To be announced…

Use the following list building mantra: Will my opponent find this list fun and exciting to play against?

Fully painted army.

House rules

Ambulances saves on 5+.

Medics may reroll missed attempts.
When a Medic fails to save a friendly model, the Medic may re-roll the dice. The second result stands as normal.

MMG & HMG teams do D2 pins instead of 1.

MMG & HMG teams ignore Long Range and Point Blank modifiers when shooting.
Machine gun teams can still be neutralized by Exceptional Damage, and still get penalty to hit if they rotate and fire.

Multiple launcher weapons do not check for potential targets within 6" of a building.
Multiple launcher weapons only hit the targeted building, just like a regular mortar.